From April 9th to 11th, 2024, the annual American Electronic Components and Electronic Equipment Exhibition (IPC APEX EXPO) will be held grandly at the Anaheim Convention and Exhibition Center in Los Angeles, USA. There are the world’s leading circuits Board manufacturers, electronics manufacturing companies, original equipment manufacturers, materials and equipment service providers and other electronics manufacturing industry-related enterprises gathering jointly to explore the latest developments and future trends in the electronics manufacturing industry.

As an optical inspection equipment supplier who has been deeply involved in industrial inspection for more than 10 years with independent R&D and independent innovation capabilities, MAKER-RAY will be at this exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit booth 4052 to experience the leading optical inspection solutions and explore the future of industrial inspection with endless possibilities.

AIS20X-HW  Pre-wave AOI for Munual Insert Components

Taking AI deep learning algorithm as the core algorithm, Maker-ray Pre-wave AOI is able to intelligently detect the polarity of devices with difficult-to-distinguish characteristics such as resistors, strips, and optocouplers. Paired with AI training tools, AI can make AOI continuously learn new devices, adapt to more detection types, and ensure a higher detection rate. The integrated horizontal structure is suitable for lines of different sizes and is simple and convenient to install.


MAKER-RAY 3D AOl adopts a new generation optical system solution combined with deep learning algorithm image processing and visual recognition technology to truly restore the three-dimensional information of objects and accurately detect highly abnormal items such as floating height, lifted lead, tombstone and and solder void. It breaks the bottlenecks of traditional detection programming, low detection rate, and high false calls and is safeguards the quality of enterprises.

You can register for IPC APEX EXPO 2024 through the following link, we look forward to meeting you: