In recent years, the trend of AOI automatic inspection equipment to replace inspection workers in the industrial field has become increasingly obvious. Especially in the labor-intensive PCB industry, an AOI automatic inspection equipment can replace the workload of at least 4-5 people, and the state is stable without rest, which can greatly save labor costs and improve inspection efficiency. For this reason, more and more production lines begin to use AOI automatic inspection equipment.

At the same time, many production line operators will find that the performance of AOI automatic inspection equipment of different brands and models on the market varies. With the rapid development of consumer electronics, Internet of Things, automotive electronics and general technologies, the requirements for detection accuracy and detection efficiency have also increased. In this background , post-wave AOI from Maker-ray stands out for its high efficiency easy programming, and has gained a good reputation in the market.

Guangzhou Leichen Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Maker-ray” Technology”) relies on the strong technical strength of its parent company, CVTE, to create the AIS30X series of products with ingenuity. This series is post-wave AOI, which can effectively solve the problems of traditional automatic optical inspection equipment, such as high requirements on human technical level and imperfect production traceability.

Traditional automatic optical inspection equipment often has disadvantages such as complicated programming steps, long time-consuming, single and rigid judgment criteria, and poor generalization ability of detection. In addition, it is easy to misjudge in some cases, poor lighting, and changes in the color of the circuit board will also affect the detection accuracy. To avoid these problems, workers who operate traditional automatic optical inspection equipment are required to accumulate sufficient technical experience, which also leads to difficulty in recruitment and high labor costs for enterprises.

Relatively speaking, Maker-ray AIS30X series products not only have high inspection accuracy and fast inspection speed, but also apply deep learning algorithms, which are better than traditional color algorithms. On the one hand, this series of products has a strong inspection capability, which can be effectively identified for a variety of test scenarios, reducing the false alarm rate while ensuring the detection rate. Even under the condition of fuzzy features, it can effectively detect tin holes on the solder without interference from pins and devices. In addition, this series of products can intelligently skip positions without solder joints, reduce the number of FOVs, and also reduce FOV jumps with large spans, further saving time and improving efficiency. On the other hand, this series of products does not require color selection and manual parameter adjustment, but can be automatically framed and adjusted automatically. There is no experience requirement for operators, which also helps to solve the problems of difficult recruitment and high labor costs for enterprises.

With the miniaturization and low energy consumption of electronic products, the components of their products tend to be miniaturized, and the difficulty and efficiency of manual inspection of components in the assembly process increase. It is a general trend to use AOI automatic inspection equipment to replace inspection workers. The emergence of high-efficiency automatic testing equipment such as Maker-ray AIS30X series products also perfectly caters to the wave of industrial upgrading. It is no wonder that post-wave AOI from Maker-ray can gain a good reputation in the market.