Visual Weld Defects are a type of flaw that comes from the failure to meet standards for welding quality. They are typically found on welded parts in manufacturing settings, but they can also be seen on finished products or structures. This blog article briefly explains visual weld defects.

Introduction of visual weld defects


Visual weld defects are tiny cracks in the metal that make up the weld joint. They can appear anywhere on the weld but are most commonly found on the edge of the weld bead. Weld defects can cause several problems with weld quality. They can create holes in the weld that allow it to leak metal, they can create gaps in the weld that allow heat and moisture to enter the metal, and they can cause the metal to fracture.


How can avoid weld defects?


The best way to avoid weld defects is to use a high-quality welding technique and maintain good welding quality. You can also inspect your welds for signs of visual weld defect every time you do a welding job. Visual system inspection is very suitable for solder defects. Using an automatic optical inspection system, we can complete the inspection service of old products more efficiently and with high quality, thereby reducing the product error rate.




If you are a welder or fabricator, then you need to be aware of visual weld defects. Visual weld defects are tiny cracks in the steel that can appear anywhere during the welding process and, if not handled properly, can eventually lead to failure of the weld, potentially leading to structural failure. Contact MAKER-RAY and we will provide you with the best solder defect solutions!