Maker-ray‘s Visual Inspection Machine offers unparalleled flexibility by allowing seamless switching between different light sources for various inspection items. Whether it’s UV, UF, solder joints, or components, our machine adapts to different lighting conditions effortlessly. This versatility expands the scope of quality control, enabling manufacturers to address a wide range of inspection needs with a single tool.

Micron Level Small Bubble Inspection


Maker-ray’s visual inspection machine is specifically designed to excel in micron-level small bubble inspection. These machines utilize high-resolution imaging technology and advanced algorithms to detect and analyze even the tiniest bubble defects with precision.


The visual inspection machine’s sophisticated algorithms enable accurate identification and visualization of bubble defects, ensuring that manufacturers can effectively detect and address any issues related to product quality. By automating the inspection process, manufacturers can eliminate the risk of human error and ensure consistent and reliable results.


The ability to detect and address small bubble defects is crucial as even the smallest bubble can affect the functionality and reliability of a product. By utilizing Maker-ray’s visual inspection machine, manufacturers can maintain the highest level of quality assurance and deliver products that meet the most stringent standards.


Furthermore, the comprehensive inspection capabilities of Maker-ray’s machine contribute to customer satisfaction. By detecting and resolving bubble defects, manufacturers can provide their customers with products that are free from imperfections, enhancing their trust and loyalty.


Inspection of Foreign Objects and Scatter


Maker-ray’s visual inspection machine incorporates a dedicated scatter and foreign object detection algorithm. Without the need for human involvement, our machine intelligently recognizes scattered points and foreign objects. This eliminates the time-consuming process of manual debugging, streamlining quality control efforts. With effective scatter and foreign object detection and elimination, manufacturers can deliver flawless products to the market.


By adopting Maker-ray’s visual inspection machine, manufacturers gain access to versatile inspection capabilities. The ability to switch between different light sources ensures comprehensive coverage of inspection items. Additionally, our machine’s micron-level small bubble inspection and intelligent detection of foreign objects and scatter contribute to enhanced product quality and streamlined quality control processes.




In conclusion, Maker-ray’s Visual Inspection Machine offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturers seeking to elevate their quality control efforts. With versatile inspection capabilities, including switching between different light sources, micron-level small bubble inspection, and efficient detection of foreign objects and scatter, our machine empowers businesses to deliver impeccable products to the market. Choose Maker-ray and unlock the potential for flawless quality control.