The introduction of SMT machines has made PCB production easier and more cost-effective for manufacturers. Learn about the advantages of SMT, what you need to know before using an SMT machine, and which companies can help you.

What are SMT machines?


SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology. SMT machines are used to manufacture small electronic components, like capacitors and resistors, on a large scale. They’re also used to produce electronic boards and other electronic assemblies.

The benefits of using SMT machines over other manufacturing methods include the following:


-SMT machines can produce components much faster than traditional methods.

-SMT machines are less likely to cause defects in the finished product.

– SMT machines are less expensive to operate than other manufacturing methods.


The principle of SMT machines


Through two high-precision cameras up and down, the same board is moved and photographed, and the convolutional neural network algorithm is used to process the image to intelligently determine defective components and solder defects.


Functions of SMT machines


An important function of an SMT machine is its ability to locate and remove particles from the surface. By using precision sensors and powerful lasers, an SMT machine can identify and remove particles from the surface of a wafer or chip. This process is critical in the manufacturing process of semiconductors because it ensures that the wafer or chip is free from defects.




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