There are several terms for visual testing, such as non-destructive and visual inspection, nondestructive evaluation, nondestructive examination, and visual testing examination. Vision testing NDT refers to information collection processes that avoid harming or permanently modifying the structure being inspected.

What is visual testing NDT?


Visual testing NDT can be used to check the surface condition of components, analyze the alignment of mating surfaces and check for defects. One application of visual testing involves modern manufacturing. With their tools and non-destructive techniques, visual inspectors can spot harmful defects or impurities that can affect how manufactured materials will be used in the future. It is important to test it before it is sold or used, and in many other fields, materials are tested before being used publicly.


Visual testing NDT benefits


One of the benefits of visual testing NDT is that it is fairly inexpensive, as it does not require a lot of equipment to perform visual testing. If you’re running low on capital, consider using visual testing as a first step to ensure your components are in good condition.


Visual testing NDT is also generally very easy to learn, meaning you can run your operations faster with less training time and less reliance on the naked eye in the process.


Vision testing NDT can support remote online, you can operate anywhere without carrying large equipment.


Visual testing NDT uses simple programming to automatically locate the original. Support one-to-many inspection items, which can improve efficiency and productivity.


How does vision testing NDT work?


Visual testing NDT is used to observe the condition of components so that parts can be evaluated as part of the maintenance process. Technicians use visual testing NDT to determine if components are faulty and require maintenance. If the inspector performing the visual test misses a problem with a component, a serious accident can occur.




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