SMT equipment is a type of electronic equipment that installs electronic components on the surface of a printed circuit board. This can be either surface mount or through-hole technology.

What is SMT?


SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology. SMT is the process of installing chips and other electronic components on a printed circuit board by soldering them to the board using a heated iron. It has become increasingly popular in recent years as increased demand for small, high-density processors has necessitated the use of SMT technology.


What are the benefits of using SMT equipment?


There are many benefits to using SMT equipment in your manufacturing process. Here are just a few:


-Smaller quantities can be produced quickly and accurately – reducing waste and making production more efficient.


-Higher reliability due to automated manufacturing processes.


-Lower costs since SMT equipment is more affordable than traditional methods.




MAKER-RAY is a company with deep research in the field of automatic optical inspection. Their deep learning originated from the research of artificial neural networks, which reduces the steps of manually extracting features or rules.

MAKER-RAY’s 2D SMT equipment, by capturing the board image in real-time, adopts the convolutional neural network algorithm to process the image and intelligently determines the defective components and solder.

MAKER-RAY’s 3D SMT equipment can accurately measure the height through a high-reduction 3D structured light imaging system and algorithm. It adopts high-speed, high-resolution image processing technology to efficiently improve 2D detection performance and 3D imaging speed, helping to make more accurate judgments.




SMT equipment is a very important and necessary choice for many industries. We hope this guide was helpful, and be sure to consider MAKER-RAY when you choose to use SMT equipment in your next project.