Coating inspection is the process of identifying any defects in the coating on an object. Despite this being a widespread process, many different aspects can be analyzed.

The features of coating inspection


  1. Coating inspection supports remote programming, debugging, and management.
  2. Coating inspection supports the one-to-many judgment method.
  3. Coating inspection supports remote supervision, which is convenient for centralized management and can respond quickly and maintain.
  4. Coating inspection adopts an intelligent algorithm, which can automatically identify the coating area.


How does a coating inspection work?


A coating inspection is a method used to check the integrity of a coatings system. It is typically used before a new coating is applied to a surface. The inspection usually includes testing for defects in the coatings system and verifying that the coating conforms to specifications.


Why use this type of inspection for coating applications?


The use of coating inspections to determine the suitability of coatings for a particular application can be valuable because it can help avoid potential problems down the road. By conducting a coating inspection, you can determine if the coating is compatible with the substrate and whether or not any adhesion issues exist. Additionally, a coating inspection can help identify any potential flaws in the formulation or application process.




Inspection is an important process in manufacturing. It helps ensure that the product is compliant and free of defects. By using coating inspection, you can improve the quality of your finished product by identifying and correcting defects before they become a problem. With MAKER-RAY‘s coating inspection technology, coating inspection can become smarter, making it easier for inspectors to spot problems early in the manufacturing process. If you still have doubts, please contact us immediately.