Maker-ray, a leading provider of cutting-edge inspection solutions, introduces our SMT machines (AOI) system. With extensive industry expertise, Maker-ray understands the challenges faced during SMTassembly and has developed a solution that delivers unparalleled precision and efficiency to your production line. The SMT machines system ensures comprehensive inspection of vital aspects such as solder joints, component placement, polarity, and more, leveraging advanced vision technology and intelligent algorithms. By seamlessly integrating into your workflow and offering user-friendly operation, the SMT machines system streamlines processes, enhances quality control, and ultimately boosts manufacturing efficiency.

Key Features of the AIS401-HW: Optimizing Inspection Accuracy and Efficiency in Maker-ray’s SMT machines System


The AIS401-HW, a flagship model within Maker-ray’s SMT machines system, incorporates several key features designed to optimize inspection accuracy and efficiency. Let’s explore these features:


  1. High-Precision High-Speed Camera Lens: The AIS401-HW is equipped with a high-precision high-speed camera lens, allowing for detailed and accurate image capture during the inspection process.


  1. AI Algorithm for Component Search and Fast Programming: With the AI algorithm, the system can perform a one-click search for components, enabling quick and efficient programming. The intelligent parameter matching ensures optimal inspection settings, reducing setup time and increasing productivity.


  1. OCR Recognition Algorithm for Wrong Material Control: The system utilizes an OCR recognition algorithm to detect silk screen characters, enabling the identification of any wrong materials used during assembly. This feature enhances quality control and minimizes the risk of errors.


  1. Inspection of Black Components on Black Boards: The AIS401-HW is capable of inspecting black components on black boards, ensuring accurate detection of wrong or absent components. This capability is crucial for maintaining high product quality and reducing defects.


  1. Pre and Post Reflow Oven Inspection: By applying pre and post reflow oven inspection, the system can identify defects related to surface mount devices (SMD) and soldering. This comprehensive inspection approach ensures the integrity of the assembly process and minimizes the likelihood of faulty products.


AI-Driven Advancements in the AIS401-HW: Streamlined Inspection and Enhanced Accuracy for Maker-ray’s SMT machines System


The AIS401-HW’s core advantages lie in our implementation of AI deep learning algorithms. These algorithms enable one-click automatic identification of components and solder joints, streamlining the inspection process. The system automatically searches for chips and generates component boxes, reducing operator intervention and improving efficiency. The intelligent OCR recognition algorithm further enhances inspection accuracy, ensuring reliable defect detection.


Additionally, the AIS401-HW excels in inspecting the polarity of black components. By leveraging deep learning algorithms, the system can accurately recognize polarity features, enabling precise polarity inspections. Furthermore, the AI inspection algorithm accurately identifies solder balls and splashes, effectively avoiding interference from complex backgrounds.




In conclusion, Maker-ray’s SMT machines system, particularly the AIS401-HW model, offers advanced features and capabilities that enhance inspection accuracy and efficiency. With our high-precision camera lens, AI algorithms for component search and programming, OCR recognition, and comprehensive inspection of black components and soldering, the system ensures optimal quality control in SMT machines assembly. By incorporating AI deep learning algorithms and intelligent inspection techniques, Maker-ray empowers manufacturers to streamline processes, minimize defects, and achieve superior manufacturing efficiency.