Maker-ray Solutions offers a comprehensive range of machine vision systems that are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. Maker-ray‘s systems are built on advanced technology and incorporate cutting-edge features to deliver precise and efficient inspection processes.

Precision and Efficiency Unleashed: Maker-ray Solutions’ SMT AOI and SPI 3D Inspection Systems


One of the key product offerings from Maker-ray Solutions is the SMT AOI inspection system. This system utilizes deep learning algorithms and advanced optical sensors to automate the inspection of surface mount technology (SMT) components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). With the ability to search for nearly 100 component types and automatically identify the polarity of capacitors, sockets, diodes, and other components, the SMT AOI inspection system streamlines the inspection process and reduces the chances of manual errors. It also boasts excellent recognition ability, even for black materials, and strong anti-interference capabilities, ensuring accurate detection of component and board screen printing.


Another notable product from Maker-ray Solutions is the SPI 3D/final visual inspection system. This system employs advanced 3D imaging and measurement technology, including multi-directional structured light and moiré light reflection, to overcome imaging deformations caused by shadow occlusion. It enables the acquisition of three-dimensional information and the generation of high-quality 3D images, which are crucial for accurate measurement and defect detection. The system also incorporates intelligent depth map denoising techniques to eliminate noise caused by ambient light, ensuring reliable and precise height measurements. Additionally, the SPI 3D/final visual inspection system features an intelligent positioning method that eliminates the need for manual adjustment of the detection window, enhancing programming efficiency and optimizing inspection processes.


Enhancing Quality and Precision: Maker-ray Solutions’ Coating and MLED Inspection Systems


Maker-ray Solutions also offers coating inspection systems, which are designed to ensure the quality and consistency of coatings applied to various surfaces. These systems utilize advanced algorithms and sensors to detect defects such as uneven coating thickness, bubbles, and impurities. By providing real-time feedback and analysis, the coating inspection systems enable manufacturers to maintain high-quality standards and reduce product failures.


In the semiconductor industry, Maker-ray Solutions provides MLED inspection systems. These systems are specifically designed for the inspection of micro-light emitting diode (MLED) components, which are widely used in the manufacture of displays, lighting products, and more. The MLED inspection systems employ AI-powered deep learning algorithms to accurately identify defects, such as dead pixels, non-uniform brightness, and color variations. By ensuring the quality and performance of MLED components, these inspection systems contribute to the production of high-quality displays and lighting solutions.




Overall, Maker-ray Solutions is dedicated to simplifying industrial vision system inspection through the use of advanced technologies, including deep learning, AI, and big data. With a strong focus on innovation and intellectual property rights, Maker-ray Solutions continues to develop and enhance our product offerings, empowering industries with intelligent optical inspection solutions. Through our comprehensive range of machine vision systems, Maker-ray Solutions helps businesses achieve superior quality control, optimize production processes, and drive the transformation towards automated and information-based smart factories.