Welcome to Maker-ray, where cutting-edge technology meets precision. In this article, we will explore how our advanced Optical inspection system, the AIS20X, revolutionizes PCB inspections, ensuring unparalleled quality and accuracy. With a combination of AI intelligent programming, online/offline capabilities, and support for mixed PCBs, the AIS20X sets new standards in automated optical inspection.

AI Intelligent Programming


At Maker-ray, we harness the power of AI to enhance our optical inspection system. The AIS20X incorporates AI-powered programming, which enables intelligent analysis and optimization of inspection processes. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, our system achieves remarkable accuracy and efficiency in detecting defects and anomalies. With AI intelligent programming, we can identify even the most subtle defects, ensuring that your PCBs meet the highest quality standards.


Online/Offline Programming


Flexibility is key in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment. The AIS20X offers both online and offline programming options, catering to different inspection requirements. Online programming allows for real-time inspections, enabling immediate feedback and adjustments. This is particularly beneficial for high-volume production lines where quick response times are critical. On the other hand, offline programming is ideal for batch processing and optimization. It enables efficient programming and analysis of multiple PCBs, streamlining the inspection process and saving valuable time.


In addition to its programming options, the AIS20X is equipped with advanced inspection capabilities that ensure accurate and reliable results. Its high-resolution cameras capture detailed images of the PCBs, allowing for precise defect detection and analysis. The system’s intelligent algorithms then analyze the images, identifying defects such as missing components, misaligned solder joints, and solder bridges.


The AIS20X is designed to handle various PCB sizes and shapes, accommodating the diverse needs of modern manufacturing. Its adjustable conveyor system and flexible inspection parameters make it adaptable to different production lines and PCB types. This versatility enables manufacturers to optimize their inspection processes and maintain high quality standards across their entire product range.


Supporting Mixed PCBs


In the dynamic world of PCB manufacturing, the AIS20X shines with its ability to handle mixed PCBs. We understand that PCBs come in various sizes, layouts, and component configurations. Our optical inspection system adapts to these variations seamlessly, ensuring accurate inspections and component detection across diverse PCB environments. Whether you’re dealing with different board sizes, complex component placements, or varying layouts, the AIS20X guarantees precise analysis and reliable defect identification.




With Maker-ray’s AIS20X optical inspection system, you can elevate the quality of your PCBs to new heights. Our commitment to innovation and precision has enabled us to develop an advanced solution that combines AI intelligent programming, online/offline capabilities, and support for mixed PCBs. Embrace the future of PCB inspections with Maker-ray, and experience the confidence that comes with superior quality control. Trust the AIS20X to enhance your manufacturing processes and deliver flawless PCBs every time.