Conformal coating is a process that involves spraying a thin layer of liquid onto a surface. While the process can be done manually, it is sometimes best to automate it using a conformal coater. Learn more about using the conformal coating machine in this blog post.

What is a conformal coating machine?


A conformal coating machine is an automated device that can detect defects such as overcoating, undercoating, splashing, bubbles, etc. of conformal paint. Conformal coatings are custom-made to cover specific areas of a part, and they can protect the part from damage and improve its performance.


What are the advantages of using a conformal coating machine?


The advantages of using a conformal coating machine over other methods include:


– decreased production time

– improved quality

– decreased costs


The characteristics of the conformal coating machine


Minimalist programming: Conformal coating machine deeply learns polygon algorithm, realizes automatic programming, whole board programming, intelligently locks the coating boundary, and automatically identifies the coating area.


Centralized management, remote service: Conformal coating machine supports remote offline programming, which can be programmed in advance; it can perform one-to-many product inspection and judgment.


Multiple purposes: The Conformal coating machine can not only detect coating defects, but also detect defects such as plug-ins, patches, and solder.




If you’re looking to increase productivity or ensure product quality and consistency, read on to learn more about conformal coating machines. Contact MAKER-RAY, we can give you more detailed information on how to use the conformal coating machine.