SMT equipment– surface mount technology is used for creating electronic devices such as computers, digital cameras, televisions, and smartphones. The SMT inspection technology is becoming more and more important. In this article, we will discuss something about SMT equipment.

What is SMT equipment?


SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology. SMT equipment is now beginning to use AOI instead of labor, and the precision of the mounted components is getting higher and higher, and the volume is getting smaller and smaller.


Need for SMT equipment


As the world becomes more and more connected, the demand for smart machines continues to grow. This is thanks to their many benefits, such as improved efficiency and accuracy. In addition to this, SMT equipment has also become increasingly popular due to its ability to produce high-quality parts with minimal defects. Fortunately, there are several different types of SMT equipment available on the market today, making it easier than ever for businesses to find the right solution.


Core advantages


  1. Strong anti-interference ability, high inspection rate, and low error rate.
  2. Support one-click batch modification of parameters.
  3. Shooting with dual cameras to avoid light interference and improve detection speed.
  4. Centrally manage and control multiple devices.
  5. Lens automatic cleaning function, reduce maintenance frequency.




After SMT equipment adopts AOI to replace manual labor, it brings great convenience. This intelligent and automated equipment is very suitable for application in various fields that require component manufacturing, such as aviation, security, communication, etc. If your business needs this equipment to maintain product quality, be sure to check out MAKER-RAY!