With the increase in production and work, some companies have been using AOI inspection to quickly monitor quality. They can save time, and money and improve your productivity!

What is an AOI inspection?


If you are in the business of manufacturing or maintaining products, then you likely know about AOI inspections. An AOI inspection is a type of inspection that is used to detect and correct defects in products. AOI inspections are also commonly used to determine the quality level of a product. The key part of an AOI inspection is the use of imaging technology. This technology can help inspectors check for defects such as missed welds, defective fasteners, and cracks in the material. In addition to using imaging technology, inspectors often use other tools such as gauges and hand tools to check for defects.


Characteristics of AOI inspection


AOI inspection is the process of inspecting a building to identify any potential safety hazards. The following are some of the key characteristics of AOI inspection:


-AOI inspection is an automated process that uses sensors and cameras to detect defects.

-AOI inspection can be used to inspect a wide range of fields, including home appliances, aviation, military, security, communications, etc.

-AOI inspection is a cost-effective way to identify potential defects.

-AOI inspection can capture data automatically, reducing the chances of human error leading to inaccurate findings.




AOI inspection is a very worthwhile technology. Through AOI inspection, we can greatly improve production efficiency and save costs. This intelligent automatic detection method can bring many benefits. If you are looking for a partner, just take a look at MAKER-RAY.