In the realm of quality control, identifying and visualizing bubble defects at a micron level is crucial. Maker-ray‘s cutting-edge Visual Inspection Machine excels in micron level small bubble inspection, providing accurate detection and visualization of bubble defects in the area under test. By utilizing advanced technology, our machine ensures that no bubble goes unnoticed, enabling manufacturers to maintain high product quality standards.

Scatter/Foreign Object Inspection


Foreign objects and scattered points can compromise the quality and functionality of products. Maker-ray addresses this challenge with a dedicated scatter foreign object detection algorithm. Our visual inspection machine intelligently identifies scattered points or foreign objects without the need for manual debugging. This streamlines the quality control process and eliminates the risk of overlooking critical defects, ensuring that only flawless products reach the market.


In addition to its scatter foreign object detection algorithm, Maker-ray’s visual inspection machines incorporate advanced image processing techniques to enhance the accuracy and reliability of defect detection. These machines utilize algorithms that can effectively differentiate between normal features and anomalies, such as scratches, stains, or abnormal textures on the surface of products.


The visual inspection machines are equipped with high-resolution cameras and powerful computational capabilities, allowing them to capture and analyze detailed images in real-time. The intelligent algorithms can automatically identify and highlight potential defects, ensuring that manufacturers can quickly identify and address any issues that may impact the quality or functionality of their products.


Glue Width Inspection


Standardized coating inspection is paramount in ensuring product quality and consistency. Maker-ray’s visual inspection machine offers a comprehensive solution for glue width inspection. With the ability to output multiple width values, including average, minimum, and maximum, our machine provides precise measurements that aid in maintaining uniform coating thickness. This level of accuracy enhances quality control efforts, allowing manufacturers to meet rigorous industry standards.


By incorporating Maker-ray’s visual inspection machine into their workflow, manufacturers can elevate their quality control processes to new heights. The machine’s advanced features, such as micron level small bubble inspection, scatter/foreign object detection, and glue width inspection, enable businesses to identify and rectify defects with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. With Maker-ray, quality control becomes a seamless and reliable part of production, ensuring customer satisfaction and brand reputation.




In conclusion, Maker-ray’s Visual Inspection Machine revolutionizes quality control in manufacturing. With its capabilities in micron level small bubble inspection, scatter/foreign object detection, and glue width inspection, our machine empowers manufacturers to maintain exceptional standards of product quality. By choosing Maker-ray, businesses can elevate their quality control processes, reduce defects, and deliver superior products to the market. Experience the power of Maker-ray’s visual inspection machine and take your quality control to the next level.