The article discusses the benefits of the coating inspection machine-vision-based inspection. It will help detect any problems with the surface coating, such as coating defects and different thicknesses.

What is coating inspection?


Coating inspection is mainly used to check defects such as overcoating, undercoating, bubbles, splashes, etc. They use polygonal algorithms, which can realize automatic programming and whole board programming. They can also intelligently lock the coating boundary, and automatically identify the coating area, and the programming speed is very fast. In addition, the coating inspection adopts intelligent algorithms, which can automatically identify the coating area and generate inspection boxes of the same shape, and even support offline programming, the operation is very simple.


Advantages of coating inspection


There are many advantages to coating inspection. Some of the benefits are as follows:


  1. Inspection can be done online or offline, depending on the needs of the company.
  2. This type of inspection is very quick and easy, making it a practical option for companies that have limited resources.
  3. It can help identify potential problems with coatings before they become too serious.
  4. By conducting coating inspections, companies can ensure that their products are up to par with industry standards.




Coating inspection has come a long way in the past few years, and it is now an intelligent way to inspect and monitor coatings. With the help of coating inspection equipment, you can quickly detect problems such as surface defects or cracks, which can lead to failure or even property damage. By using this technology, you can avoid costly repairs down the road. It is very worthwhile to use this technology in the product manufacturing process, which can ensure the high-quality output of your products. If you are interested in cooperation, you may wish to take a look at MAKER-RAY.