In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, ensuring the highest level of quality control is crucial. Maker-ray, a leader in manufacturing solutions, offers advanced AI-powered THT AOI (through-hole technology AOI) machines that deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency. These cutting-edge machines utilize advanced technology and intelligent algorithms to conduct comprehensive inspections of solder joints, component placement, and more. By streamlining your SMT (surface mount technology) production line, Maker-ray’s THT AOI machines optimize quality control for your manufacturing needs.

Introducing the AIS20X-HW: Advanced PCB Inspection Solution


The AIS20X-HW, developed by Maker-ray, is an exceptional AOI machine specifically designed for PCB (printed circuit board) inspections. This state-of-the-art system incorporates vision systems powered by cutting-edge AI technology, revolutionizing the field of AOI. With our AI intelligent programming and online/offline capabilities, the AIS20X-HW efficiently supports mixed PCBs, catering to diverse manufacturing requirements.


Unleashing the Power of AI in THT AOI:


Maker-ray’s THT AOI machines harness the power of AI deep learning algorithms to achieve robust inspection capabilities. By creating multiple levels of abstraction layers and filtering data through a classification layer, the deep learning network accurately identifies defects, significantly reducing programming time and false alarm rates. The AI intelligent programming feature enables quick component search, automatic parameter adjustment, and identification of absent, polarity, and wrong components, ensuring precise analysis and detection.


Intelligent Color Ring Inspection and Beyond:


Maker-ray’s THT AOI machines employ an intelligent color ring inspection algorithm, leveraging deep learning technology. By inputting color ring resistance templates and images into the deep network, high-dimensional feature sequences are extracted and compared to obtain accurate inspection results. Additionally, the AI-powered system excels in inspecting socket absence, polarity, and wrong components, further enhancing quality control and minimizing errors.




Maker-ray’s AI-powered THT AOI solution is a game-changer in the manufacturing industry, revolutionizing quality control in THT assembly processes. With the AIS20X-HW and our advanced AI technology, businesses can achieve unparalleled precision, efficiency, and accuracy in PCB inspections. By leveraging the power of deep learning algorithms, intelligent programming, and advanced inspection capabilities, Maker-ray’s THT AOI machines optimize quality control and streamline production lines, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to meet customer demands. Invest in Maker-ray’s AI-powered THT AOI solution to enhance your quality control processes and stay ahead in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape.