Maker-ray‘s AIS 630-HW is a highly advanced

3D SPI machine designed to revolutionize the solder paste inspection process. With cutting-edge technology and innovative features, this machine offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, ensuring precise PCB assembly.

Unparalleled Image Quality and Versatility: Introducing the AIS 630-HW’s Advanced Inspection Capabilities


The AIS 630-HW is equipped with a high-resolution 5MP or 12MP camera, providing users with exceptional image quality for inspection purposes. It enables the measurement of solder paste height, area, volume, and other essential data, allowing manufacturers to have detailed insights into our solder paste deposition.


One of the standout features of the AIS 630-HW is our maximum detection height of ±5mm. This capability allows for the inspection of various PCB assembly types, accommodating a wide range of industry requirements.


Streamlined Efficiency and Precise Defect Detection: Unveiling the Advanced Features of the AIS 630-HW


The machine incorporates AI intelligent programming, eliminating the need for gerber files. With this advanced feature, users can easily program and operate the machine without the hassle of manual configuration. The intelligent programming enables one-click search and automatic identification of solder paste areas, streamlining the inspection process and improving overall efficiency.


The AIS 630-HW is specifically designed to be used after the solder paste printing process. It effectively detects defects such as excess or insufficient soldering, solder shape irregularities, offset issues, and solder bridges. By identifying these defects early in the assembly process, manufacturers can take immediate corrective actions, minimizing rework and ensuring high-quality PCB assemblies.


The machine utilizes phase modulation profilometry to achieve three-dimensional measurement of solder paste accurately. This technique ensures high-speed measurement while significantly improving accuracy. Additionally, the AIS 630-HW employs a special RGBR four-channel three-color light source, enabling true color reproduction of board imaging. This advanced lighting system enhances image analysis and processing capabilities, providing comprehensive inspection results.


The AIS 630-HW also features a dynamic self-adaptive datum plane algorithm to reduce height errors caused by jig or board bending. This algorithm levels the datum plane, improving the accuracy of pad positioning and ensuring precise inspection results.


With our intelligent solder paste detection algorithm, the AIS 630-HW can detect multiple parameters such as tin height, area, volume, offset, and tin connections. These data points are visualized, making programming and debugging more convenient for users.




In conclusion, Maker-ray’s AIS 630-HW is a state-of-the-art 3D solder paste inspection machine that offers unmatched precision and efficiency. With our advanced features, including AI intelligent programming, high-resolution camera, and intelligent detection algorithms, this machine sets new standards in the industry. Manufacturers can rely on the AIS 630-HW to achieve accurate and reliable solder paste inspection, ensuring the production of high-quality PCB assemblies.