What is a coating adhesion tester? In short, this device can help you find the right adhesive for your project. But what are their benefits? What should you look for when using one, and which ones should you consider? Find out here!

What is a coating adhesion tester?


It is a special device that helps to determine how well a coating will adhere to a substrate. It is often used in the manufacturing of electronic and optical products.


Why do we need a coating adhesion tester?


There are several reasons why you might want to use a coating adhesion tester. Perhaps you are trying to create a new product and you need to test the adhesion of different coatings to different substrates. Maybe you are trying to troubleshoot an adhesive problem and you need to test the adhesion of various coatings to various parts of a component. or maybe you just want to see how well a coating will adhere under certain conditions.


What are their benefits?


A coating adhesion tester is a valuable tool for technicians and engineers in the coatings printing industry. In general, they have many benefits, which include:


-They can be used to check the adhesion of coatings to substrates, including metals and plastics.

-They can also be used to check the adhesion of foils and other materials during coating printing.

-They can help determine if a coating has been applied properly.

-They can help identify potential problems with coatings and printing processes.


What to consider when using it?


When testing coatings, it’s important to consider the type of coating being tested. Additionally, testing conditions also need to be accurate and consistent for each coating. Lastly, the tester should be easy to use so that users can get accurate readings quickly. Some testers have indicators that light up when coats are dry or wet which makes them easier to use.




If you’re in the business of manufacturing products, then you need to test the adhesion of your coatings. The coating adhesion tester can help you do just that quickly and easily, without having to run multiple tests or use expensive equipment. If you’re ready to start testing your coatings right away, be sure to check out the coating adhesion testers of  MAKER-RAY!