Quality control is vital to our daily lives and something that should be taken seriously. To ensure the highest quality products, manufacturers use 3D AOI to test their various electronic parts. Nowadays, automated software is used to do this task, making it a lot easier than it was before.

What is 3D AOI?


3D AOI is a technology that can help to improve the quality of images and videos. 3D AOI provides high measurement accuracy and excellent image quality. The 3D AOI system is easy to program and can be flexibly adapted to new requirements.


How 3D AOI works


Through the highly restored 3D structural technology optical imaging system and algorithm, the height can be accurately measured, providing an effective judgment basis to help more accurately judge defects and defects. 3D AOI technology is an essential step in quality control for manufacturing and product inspection. It helps to improve the accuracy and consistency of products by providing feedback on the manufacturing process. 3D AOI technology also allows for the examination of products in multiple directions at once. This allows for more accurate assessments of product defects and potential problems. It is an essential step in quality control for manufacturing and product inspection.


Advantages of 3D AOI

3D AOI is a process that allows for the detection of quality defects in products. By using this technology, manufacturers can ensure that their products are of the highest quality.


There are many benefits to using 3D AOI technology. For one, it can help to reduce the time needed to make products. This is because AOI can quickly identify and correct quality defects.


Additionally, 3D AOI can help to improve product quality by preventing the occurrence of later quality problems. By detecting early problems, AOI can help to prevent customers from experiencing issues with their products later on.


Finally, 3D AOI can also help to save money by reducing the number of defective products that need to be produced. With 3D AOI, manufacturers can quickly and easily detect and correct quality defects in their products.




Quality control is essential in any business. MAKER-RAY’s 3D AOI can provide a good solution for your product quality control, if you are interested, you can check the MAKER-RAY website for more information.